Friday, August 7, 2009


Been busy workin on the Ghia, and the body must be freed. The BSA is ready for the cafe's, but Raber's wont let me get out of it the easy way. Seems like the bolt gods rain down on me lately. As for current events, The Big island was fun. Sorry no pics. I left the camera at home, YA i know it was a dumb move, seemed the same but missing something this time around. Boiling pots were well worth the drive and jump to Hilo. DO you remember?

Run for colour.

Ryan and Ryan both attributed to the "Snow man" and "Doom Amerika" grafics. As soon as Things start goin better, Where goin to put some color in this project. Short run, all numbered. ASF is down to drop the "minimum" considering the economy is FUCKED and i cant afford to drop 3500$ in boards.